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Prime 5.9 Acre Strip Mall Located on Scott Road in Delta Envisioned as a Modern Mixed-Use Community

The owners of The Delta Shoppers Mall located at 8037 120th Street, Delta has submitted a preliminary development concept with the city showcasing the potential future of this centrally located transit-orientated site.

Encompassing 5.9 acres, the property is currently occupied by a one-storey shopping centre built in 2004.

Scott Road is equipped with rapid transit and is ripe for this scale of development. Its proximity to everyday retail, educational institutions, and growing economic centres such as Bridgeview and West Newton industrial & business parks makes this concept a great addition to the rapidly growing neighbourhood.

On both the Delta & Surrey side, Scott Road (120th Street) provides a unique opportunity to grow its stock of transit-orientated housing. The City of Surrey is also in the midst of reviewing its land use plan for this area of the city

Development Statistics:

  • Total of 813 residential units ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms

  • Two 32-storey towers with 624 market condos

  • One 10-storey midrise with 124 seniors housing units

  • One 6-storey midrise with 65 purpose built rental units (20% below market)

  • 125,677 square feet of office space

  • 79,374 square feet of retail space

  • 4.0 FSR

  • 30 childcare spaces

Application Notes:

  • The subject property is designated Mixed-Use (North Delta) 1 [MU(ND)1]. This designation is intended for a mix of uses including retail and office commercial, multiple-family residential, recreation, cultural, public, and open space. Retail and commercial uses are required on the ground floor on fronting streets.

  • This designation permits a maximum height of 32 storeys, up to 4.0 floor space ratio, and no more than 600 units per hectare (242 units per acre). The proposed development is consistent with the MU(ND) 1 designation.

  • The proposed development exceeds the maximum building height recommended for the City Plaza Neighbourhood, however it is consistent with the following components of the Task Force Report: vision to create a new urban place that invites active uses to go along with the shopping environment that supports it; includes diverse forms of housing (range of unit sizes and mix of market, rental and seniors housing); provides a component of below-market rental housing;

Link to application:

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